Why are Wearables the Future for Businesses in 2016?

2015 saw wearables force their way to the forefront of the consumer market. The Apple Watch in particular has shown signs of being a success whilst other products such as Google Glass and Samsung Gear have greatly missed the mark. Despite the increasing demand for wearables, we have yet to see a mass adoption of these new gadgets. It’s becoming apparent that wearables are not yet ready for mass consumer acceptance. But is there a case for deploying wearable tech in business?

This new technology has the potential to save organisations both time and money. Like mobile devices, wearable tech can certainly boost productivity, increase efficiency and improve business processes. So as we look forward to 2016, is there the possibility that wearables will make a massive breakthrough in the enterprise?

Wearables have the ability to provide employees with real-time data access in addition to offering a new means of communication across the organisation.

Full article here: Why are Wearables the Future for Businesses in 2016?


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