Cash management: make it simple, make it sexy too!

Yesterday I went to my pharmacy. I had the big surprise to see that the owner had invested money in a cash management system…Yes the big unsexy box you can see as an illustration to this post.

At first I thought “well, I don´t understand why they need such a big machine to take my money and give me my change” but then I saw the light! If you are a pharmacist, counting coins and notes is certainly not your priority in life. Additionally the core of your business is all about health and hygiene, so with an automated cash management system employees can avoid touching potentially contaminated notes or coins.0n tof that they do not have to calculate or count the change they have to give back, the machine does all of that…. How clever! Now talking about hygiene, I am wondering why I have not seen more of these machines, especially in bakeries, grocery or fresh food stores in my area.

Even though cash payments in retail are in decline I must admit that still use cash for everyday purposes:

  • I would not use credit card to buy the newspaper, cash is more convenient,
  • For less than 15 Euros purchases I don`t use credit card neither,

so anything that can help cash payments easier, faster and secure is fine with me and self-service cash systems is welcome.

Following my visit to the pharmacy, I investigated a bit the internet and checked out a few home pages from some manufacturers ( NCRWincor Nixdorf, CashGuard).

If you click on the highlighted links you will be rerouted to the cash management solutions pages of these corporations. I hope you will agree with me that these great companies offer great products and solutions however please join me in asking them to give their hardware a sexiest look!


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