Beware! Cyber threats, malwares and viruses are everywhere, so what?

Most of my recent tweets are about cyber security issues, data protection concerns or malwares attacks. Well, if I am not worried maybe I should, should I ?

Recently large corporations, administrations and enterprise businesses have found themselves on the spotlights, not for reasons due to their corporate grandness, but for cyber-attacks and data protection related reasons.

Just a few examples:

  • Finally, a few days ago we all got to know that the malware Duqu is back. It seems that Duqu was first discovered in 2011 and was already classified as very dangerous. Now Duqu fights back, is even renamed Duqu 2.0 and seems to be connected with cyber-spying activities at states level. I am not a specialist, however knowing that Kaspersky Lab, the Antivirus and Internet Security software, recently broke the news that the malware penetrated its own internal networks, and even named it “the most sophisticated malware ever,” scares me a bit, well just a bit… After all, these attacks have been detected fought and neutralized.  However the recent post published on CyberArk blog cast a interesting light on this virus, saying that when examining the Kaspersky attack, the question of “who” is less important than the “how.

Bottom line: At my end-user level, I am glad I have my equipments protected, though is it not cheap. It may also be time to invest in Cyber Security and data protection companies: they seem to have a bright future!


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